Processing & Microstructure

Microstructure of mixes in processing lines is of vital importance to obtain the right product and to prevent obstruction of the processing lines. And, no factory wants to drop out even a percentage of its produce due to little variations or faults that could have been prevented. 


Understanding the effect of processing and holding steps on the product microstructure is of key importance to understand quality variations, fermentation, ripening, clogging of pipes, caking of surfaces, discolourations, coalescence, aggregation, syneresis, and other desired and undesired effects. Often the microstructure of products tells the story of the processing. That’s also why microstructure studies are vital to better understand differences between prototypes or competitor products. 

How to keep your factory running?

Consistence has a complete set of microscopes and texture measurement instruments for a thorough and holistic understanding of product microstructure as result of processing, transportation, and shelf life impact. Understanding bottlenecks brings solutions into view, … literally! 

Critical point drying at Consistence Microstructure Research Laboratory

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