Timelapse imaging

Timelapse imaging

If a series of photographs of the same object over time is viewed as a video in a much shorter time than the time of imaging, new insights and understanding of material and processed can be built. This method, called timelapse imaging, is widely used to capture long-term processes such as building projects or cloud formation into a quick presentation, often providing new insights in order of processes and formation of complex shapes.

In laboratories, timelapse imaging can be used to better understand biological processes, such as seed germination and growth of colonies, but also to capture product decay and other slow processes.

Good timelapse imaging requires a very stable setup, with highly standardised light conditions and reduction of any disturbing influences. Timelapse image series can be processed with automated image analysis procedures, to obtain quantitative understanding of the captured processes. 

Timelapse imaging at Consistence

Consistence houses experience and equipment to perform timelapse imaging of objects with sizes up to centimeters to microscopically small objects. We also offer this option for customers at their sites.

Timelapse imaging tackles the time factor

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