Phone screen magnification

This post is about the amazing beauty of the rainbow, white light, mobile phone screens, ... and 'regular' stereo light microscopy. To start with the last: a Stereo Microscope (or macroscope) is a sophisticated magnifiying glass. It allows to visualise details of objects that are below the visibility threshold of the naked eye. Now the phone screen: If viewed under the stereo microscope,…

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SEM image of hummus with mild processing, keeping chickpea cells intact.

Beautiful visualization of hummus microstructure

After aquiring the proper instruments and moving them to our new Consistence lab, it's great to see them installed and running. Here I start with a beautiful visualisation of houmous microstructure. Besides being a very tasty plant based spread, originating from the middle east, its microstructure is impressive as well. The method used here is cryo-scanning electron microscopy. The real…

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