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Consistence is specialized in microstructure research. We guide you into the microworld with in-house advanced imaging.

Whether it is food, seeds, fabric, mud, metal, shampoo, gemstones, paper or otherwise, we can show the smallest details of your product. With a full range of microscopy methods, we can solve your challenge at the finest level in 3D.

Soft Matter

Solids are fixed, and liquids flow, but what about everything in between, like gels, foams, emulsions, biological material.? Knowing about the microstructure of soft matter helps understanding macroscopic functioning.

Biological Matter

An extremely high level of structural organisation is a key feature of all living beings, either plants, bacteria, animals, fungi, or even viruses.

Wet Matter

Wet and moisture materials

Imagine having a cross-section of soup, paint, or ketchup! These wet materials would deform such that the original structure would be totally lost. Cryo-microscopy solves the problem of deformation.

Dry Matter

Dry Matter

Dissolving sugar in hot water or coffee is easy. But how to be sure that cappuccino powder has the right properties to dissolve and not to form hopeless lumps?

Cryoplaning SEM

On top of that, our special expertise is cryoplaning SEM, a method with many industrial and biological applications. Interested in the possibilities? Discover our website and send us your samples for analysis and research!

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