Microscopy Course April 2024

Two days of intense learning and practicing ...... and a great atmosphere! We explored Light Microscopy, Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy, Cryo-Scanning Electron Microscopy, and discussed many more methodologies. Food Microstructures include emulsions, foams, powders, suspensions, films, etc, from dry to wet and from ambient to frozen. Analyzing food has many intellectual and creative challenges ....... but yields lots of fun.…

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Face Mask once more

Customers at Consistence benefit from a rich combination of different imaging methodologies. And in most cases, we apply different methodologies, to reveal the various secrets of the microstructures. Here a face mask sheet, covering the filter material is shown with different light microscopic methodologies (left images) and with Scanning Electron Microscopy (right images). While one methodology proves crystallinity/order, the other…

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Launch of SeeCHEESE project

Consistence and 3 partner companies (FrieslandCampina and 2 others) have started mapping the structure of CHEESE at all length scales, to compile the scattered knowledge of cheese microstructure. ELINE HOEDEMAKER and JANNES VAN DEN BAAR will study several cheeses with advanced imaging methods that complement each other (CLSM, SEM, cryofixed, chemfixed, etc). Combining their findings with existing knowledge from literature,…

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Students visiting Consistence

This week we were happy to receive a group of students from VWO 5 Wartburg College, location Guido de Bres. They are orienting on further education and their future job. They visited our lab based on their interest in technology and research. In addition to a presentation by Consistence and its staff, they received a labtour. And, of course, they…

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Face Mask Filter viewed with Scanning Electron Microscopy, in planar view and in cross-sectional views. Jaap Nijsse. www.consistence.nl

Face mask cross section

In an earlier post we visualised a planar view of a face mask filter at increasing magnification, showing a heterogeneous network of fibres. It is not trivial to obtain high resolution cross sections through fabric: sub-micron (less than 1/1000 millimetre) details cannot be obtained with light microscopy or x-ray imaging, while sections of embedded material lack the third dimension. Embedding…

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Fat crystal network

Already in 1987 Isaac Heertje published a method to visualise the fat crystal network in margarines. We now have revisited this method, making it available for today’s research of crystal networks in foods and beyond. The images show fat crystal networks in a 39% fat spread and in a 79% fat margarine, revealing continuous networks of crystals, often along emulsion…

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Banana browing timelapse

First a time-stack of images was acquired, resulting in the video of the ripening banana. Second, a region of interest was selected, showing the details. Third, the growing brown spots were labelled, whereby labels persisted over time, until the moment of fusion with neighbouring spots. Fourth, a ‘timesweep histogram’ was calculated, showing the brown areas growing and moving to larger size classes.  This…

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Much more content coming

We are fuelling the Consistence website. Please find the many new pages while browsing within consistence.nl. Not everyting is in place yet, so bear with us some period of missing links and changing views! We added employee pages, method descriptions, and a few case studies, and more already. Enjoy!

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