Material testing

Physcial product properties

The composition and microstructure of a material determine important physical product properties such as hardness, yield stress, viscosity, elasticity, and plasticity. Building understanding of the relation of product behaviour and microstructure is the key for product research and development. Furthermore, the measurement of material behaviour is important to check material specifications, either while processing or along the chain.

A wide variety of instruments can be used to test physcial material properties, from straightforward Consistometers to dedicated Rheometers and Texture Analysers. Sometimes a careful quantitative comparison of different batches is sufficient, while in other cases a detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis is required to explain specific behaviour of materials and products.

At Consistence, we are mainly specialised in soft and liquid materials. Our laboratory offers two main methodologies: Texture analysis and Rheometry

Texture Analysis at Consistence

Consistence houses a Stable Microsystems Texture Analyser, which is used for various applications, both in food and non-food applications. Examples are: puncture force studies in raw and processed food ingredients, rupture force studies of woven and non-woven textiles, fracturing characterisation of crackers, firmness measurements in structured emulsions and gels, etc. Where necessary, we build dedicated probes and experimental setups, depending on your research question or testing demands. We are strong in advising the purchase of proper and affordable instrumentation for your own QA lab.

Rheometry at Consistence

At Consistence, we have a strong background in Rheometry of soft and liquid materials, such as paints, industrial suspensions and emulsions, personal care products (shampoos, cleansers, creams, gels), foods (dressings, doughs, shortenings, hydrocolloid gels), and other soft materials. We combine reliable equipment (TA AR G2, incl rotational and oscillating modes) with smart experiments and deep understanding to understand the material, to setup new testing procedures, and to define and check specs. It’s our mission to translate advanced material tests into deep understanding of product behaviour. We are also committed to deliver straightforward quality control tests. 

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Consistence Consistently measures Consistency

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