Agriculture & Horticulture

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The agrifood production chain is characterised with a very complex interaction of environment, genetics, and human interventions. Agriculture and Horticulture face large fundamental changes in future, due to increasing demands for sustainability and feeding an increasing world population. 

Agro Research

A great and promising challenge is to prevent losses of agricultural production both on field and along the food value chain. Together with other disciplines, microscopy and microstructure research is needed to deeply understand changes over time and during processing in agricultural produce. 

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Consistence for Agro

Consistence has trackrecord in agro-research. We support and guide research projects on different topics, such as preventing losses, new use of side streams, understanding plant-pathogen interactions, water relations in plants, etc. Designing the right experiments and arranging flexible setups (e.g. for timelapse imaging) are key expertises, besides world class imaging and structural interpretation of hydrated biomatter. 

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