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The 21st century is called the Age of Biology, just because there is so much to learn from nature with new technologies. We now get increasingly more detailed insights in genetics, chemistry, and structure of cells and living organisms.

Imaging expertise

Biology research has been increasingly multidisciplinar, combining many expertises to address the research questions. Microscopy and microstructure research is often an indispensable expertise to understand biological processes and interactions. Thorough microscopical research is required to understand the impact of development, stress, genotype and other influences on the functioning of organisms.

Living matter has stunning complexity, and astonishing order

Life Science at Consistence

Consistence has the imaging tools to study structure at multiple length scales in a single sample, from centimetres down to tens of nanometres, spanning more than six orders of magnitude. Cryofixation and subsequent cryoplaning yields large cross-sections of samples without use of any chemical fixation, revealing in situ details at nanoscale, in the larger context.

Light Microscopy sample at Consistence Microstructure Research Laboratory

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