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Smart Matter

There is an ever-increasing demand for custom made materials that have the right properties for specific demands. Often space research and racing sport are mentioned to advertise new materials. But in reality, the development of new materials and composites is often a bumpy road of trial and error and lots of interdisciplinar research.


Nowadays, good material research involves many parallel methodologies to optimally manufacture and analyse new materials and devices. Even in the field of microstructure research, a wealth of methodologies are employed, all to their specific advantages.

Soft is fine

Consistence is well known for their expertise and instrumentation in soft matter research. Our cryo-SEM and Confocal microscopy methods allow research on materials that cannot simply be milled or sectioned at ambient conditions. We are specialized to link functionality at the human level to microscopic structural features. And those new insights fuel new innovations.

Scanning electron microscopy at Consistence Microstructure Research Laboratory.

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