Most  research challenges go beyond the capacity of individual companies and research institutes.

Consistence is the right partner for small and large projects where advanced imaging and microstructure research is required to address urgent and long term research questions. We also coordinate interdisciplinar research involving other labs, e.g. for chemical or analysis or microbiology expertise.  

EU and regional grants open the way to address the large societal challenges such as food security and circular economy.

Besides confidential work for individual companies, we take part in multi-partner pre-competitive projects as SME-partner. Our expertise in microstructure analysis and understanding is often crucial, for example in the transition to plant-based foods, or because we have the right instruments to realise the experimental work. 

e pluribus unum – together we get there

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Our aim is to provide world class microstructural insights and we are happy to receive feedback. Contact us for more information if this page is relevant for your research. Free use of the images and content of this webpage is permitted with reference to Consistence.