Special Imaging Offer

All is possible

We are famous with full experimental research. On top, we have learned from our customers that sometimes they just want to get good and comprehensive imaging of a material or product….. open minded observational research, so to speak!

  • to better understand surprising properties of the material
  • to spark innovations based on microstructure insight
  • as a starting point for experimental research
  • as a comparisons with materials from other suppliers
  • for education purposes
  • to advertise structure-function insight of your product through winning images


SEM image of Face Mask Filter. Photo by Jaap Nijsse, www.Consistence.nl

Above: planar view of Face mask filter

Our Special Imaging Offer

  • More than 50 high quality images, made using at least 3 different imaging methodologies, e.g. Cryoplaning Scanning Electron Microscopy + Nomarski Light Microscopy + Bright Field Light Microscopy.
  • The dataset, including a summarising powerpoint document with basic explanations will be transferred via OneDrive.
  • The dataset will be solely owned by customer.
  • An example dataset can be downloaded here.
  • This service can be requested from anywhere on the globe. Materials can be sent to our lab with regular package delivery services such as DHL, UPS, or FedEx.
  • Price: Eur 2625.-*
  • No fine images, no pay.
  • Prices with different conditions/cases are available on request, e.g in case of interest for non-confidential datasets already created by Consistence.
  • We keep the right to refuse requests e.g. for ethical, legal, or safety reasons.

* 2021 price; no rights can be derived from the offer on this website. Please request your corporate/personal offer here.

Example dataset of Consistence Special Imaging Offer can be found here.

Below: cross-sectional views of Face mask filter

Face Mask Filter Cross Section SEM Microscopy 1000x
Face Mask Filter Cross Section SEM Microscopy 5000x

My Product- Now I See!

...with 3 complementary views

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