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Welcome to Consistence Microstructure Research Laboratory. The door is open to you, researchers in different fields where structure of materials, products, prototypes, biological samples, etcetera is of key interest.

Why Consistence?

Very often, the properties of a material depend on their microstructure. Why is one ketchup or apple sauce so different from the others? Why does your product show phase separation while products of others stay intact? Does droplet size matter for whiteness and stability of emulsions? How can I get the right bite and mouthfeel in the new vegan foodstuff alternative? Or, what is the buildup of the new foil used by our competitor? To find a meaningful answer to these questions, you have to combine knowledge, experience, and a good laboratory. Well, That’s what you find at Consistence. Consistence is a very well equipped laboratory with good knowledge and experience in microstructure research.

Approach of Consistence

Our workflow starts with our customers, contacting us for materials or products with some challenge or problem. After discussing the properties of the material and understanding the research questions, most often we first start with a multidisciplinary survey of the material. Combining different methodologies helps to create a holistic understanding of the material, plus a good insight how to analyse a series of samples of the same material with the most efficient methodology. Yes, we always want to be efficient, we focus on the research question of the customer, we try to find underlying causes, reasons, mechanisms, even if the outcome is unexpected, and… customers love our multidisciplinary approach.

Key Strengths

At Consistence, we have special expertise in soft, wet, powdery, and foamy matter, including food and non-food consumer products, and biological samples. Our combinations of especially cryo-Scanning Electron Microscopy and Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopy allow for high resolution imaging of very difficult samples, such as ice cream, insects, tissues, crackers, emulsions, etc. The unique method of cryoplaning allows us to make high detail sections through virtually any soft material. I would advise: Come and let Consistence analyse your material!


The time has passed that Research labs had all required instruments in house. Nowadays there are endless numbers of methodologies, even just in the field of microscopy. So it is impossible to be complete, even at the large research sites. And both large and small research sites need to calculate the running costs and make choices what to buy and what to use elswhere. Consistence helps both large and smaller labs to have optimal access to a range of advanced imaging methodologies. No need for high instrument costs, just get the research hours you need.

Consistence for you

Consistence helps your business to understand product structure and function relations. We assist you all the way from research question to analysis, to interpretation, to reporting and presentation, or just one of these essential steps. Besides of delivering our expertise, we have our instruments available for skilled external users as well.

We deliver Material Structure insight for Large and Small R&D groups. We provide microstructure understanding and solutions for Your products and prototypes. We share Microscopy

Be Welcome at Consistence from wherever you are. Contact us via our website:

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