Face mask cross section

Face Mask melt blown fibres SEM Microstructure Consistence

In an earlier post we visualised a planar view of a face mask filter at increasing magnification, showing a heterogeneous network of fibres. It is not trivial to obtain high resolution cross sections through fabric: sub-micron (less than 1/1000 millimetre) details cannot be obtained with light microscopy or x-ray imaging, while sections of embedded material lack the third dimension. Embedding is required to obtain good sections, otherwise the fibres would deform during cutting. Here we applied a temporal embedding in ice to facilitate a good cross-sectional cutting, followed by removal of the ice to a reasonable depth, revealing both a good section and a good insight into the third dimension (depth). The first image is the straightforward planar view. The second and third images are cross-sectional views. Several features of melt-blowing now come clear, such as sticking and fusing of individual fibres into larger aggregates, apparently during production, when the fibres had not totally solidified yet. At Consistence we make lots of good use of the here shown microscopy method of temporal embedding for fine micro/nano structures. We take the challenge to investigate your fine and delicate materials as well, either with this method or with a smart twist.